Open your cannabis or hemp business to vaporization with a medical grade device, infrastructure and support

Vaporization is the most rapidly growing delivery system for cannabis and hemp products.  Patients and connoisseurs appreciate the high bioavailability and short onset time in vaporization, as they are second only to smoking (which carries well known negative side effects).

VapePod LP positions your cannabis or hemp business at the top of the vaporization revolution. With industrial grade oil filling equipment, tamper-free disposable pods and a medical-grade vaporizer, licensed producers and retailers  can launch  a  new product line in less than 90 days and bring excellent ROI to you and immense value to your customers.

The VapePod LP System features

The VapePod medical vaporizer

A cutting edge, medical grade vaporizer designed to maintain the quality and efficacy of medical cannabis formulations. VapePod is the first vaporizer of its kind, registered by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a medical device for inhalation. VapePod features include:

  • Haptic feedback replaces typical LED notifications
  • Unique nonagon CNC’d aluminum alloy body
  • Podmagnetically secured discreetly within the power supply
  • Timed dosage
  • 320 mAh Li-ion battery and state-of-the-art components
  • Micro USB rechargeable

Tamper-proof , ceramic cell cartridges

The VapePod device uses the revolutionary CCELL technology with a 360 degree heating coil within the ceramic core of the cartridge, to ensure consistent heating and performance of extracts and formulations.

In an ordinary atomizer the coil resides on the surface of the wick causing inconsistent heating. Additionally, ordinary wick designs cause reduced flow to the heating coil.  Embedding the heating coil 360° within the ceramic core ensures the atomizer is uniformly heated.  Advantages of CCELL include

  • Ceramic core porosity that ensures continuous fluid saturation
  • Increased cross sectional area (CSA) to reduce over-heating
  • Rapid startup that provides high volume first activation
  • CCELL core that conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow
  • Works consistently with cannabis formulations of various viscosity
  • No burning – preserving medicinal compound


Industrial strength cartridge filling machine

A true volumetric – cartridge filling system designed specifically for high viscosity extracts and distillate, with no required recalibration.  Unlike time/pressure systems, a volumetric system does not drift and need to be recalibrated when the fluid is changed. Start-up is always simple; no need to recalibrate.  The PLC controlled system uses a modular design including a temperature controlled 1-liter vessel, temperature controlled pump head, and temperature controlled filling module. The temperature of each module is controlled separately.

Implementation, Training and Quality Assurance

With onsite installation and lifetime account care, our team will make sure your new delivery method is a success. We provide a comprehensive support service with SLA to ensure your production line runs smoothly.  Contact us below to join the vaporization revolution.