Breakthrough technology
for medical application
Unrivaled vapor performance
for cannabis extracts



Unlike standard wick and atomizer designs, which can result in a subpar device that functions inefficiently with reduced flow and inconsistent heating, VapePod utilizes next generation CCELL technology to guarantee a consistent temperature and steady flow.


VapePod is the first approved medical device of its kind, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health as a medical device for inhalation. It is the only device approved for the vaporization of medical cannabis extracts providing a safe, consistent, and trustworthy user experience.


The porosity of the CCELL core ensures continuous saturation, an increased cross sectional area reduces overheating, while radial heat reduces fluid viscosity and improves flow.


VapePod is powered by a universally rechargeable, breath activated battery, with haptic feedback replacing traditional LED alerts for discreet operation.

About Us

Cannabis Consumption: Now Safer and More Accurate Than Ever

A cutting-edge cannabis extract vaporization device, that includes metered-dosing, allowing extremely accurate consumption. The VapePod® is the first medically certified vaporization delivery system for cannabis extracts, approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

VapePod is disrupting the medical cannabis market with a quality, medically certified delivery system that works synergistically with patented, precision-targeted formulas. This comprehensive offering is designed to provide trusted relief to those suffering from a variety of disorders.                                                 

The VapePod vaporizer is produced in a certified GMP medical facility in full compliance with ISO13485, setting a new medical standard, engendering trust and ensuring peace of mind for our global clientele. The device was approved in 2018 as a medical device for cannabis extracts by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and is in the process of clinical trials.

Kanabo Research is an R&D company based in Israel that innovated cutting edge solutions for the medical cannabis industry. Kanabo focuses on building medically validated IP that includes delivery systems working in synergy with applications of patented formulations. Initial product development is focused on vaporization, including both medical grade vaporizers and formulations of medical cannabis extracts. Clinical validation activities including safety and efficacy tests are conducted in Israel for all technology and formulations under development.

Kanabo Research identified and partnered with an innovative manufacturer of high-performance inhalation hardware and technology for plant based extracts to fill the immediate need for a high-quality, safe, and reliable vaporizer platform. The superior design of their ReactorTM CCELL ceramic core technology maintains formulation quality and efficacy while vaping.

Trusted Partners

Having trusted partners is what makes the VapePod so successful. Together we have developed bespoke formulas of hemp-based extracts for a range of indispositions. Most CBD-rich products in the market today only include 1-20% CBD, while our range of OTC formulas includes a broad spectrum of hemp extract with more than 70% of cannabinoids due to patent-pending compositions

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